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We combine the best of
each expert to propose
better solution

We lead, coordinate and manage the skills of experts and specialised service companies that we have previously qualified and approved, offering highly-customised services by:


Identifying and solving your company challenges.

Creating digital capabilities and optimizing digital skills.

Providing turnkey solutions via outsourced suppliers.

Providing solutions
in different areas:

Helping you improve your relation with your customer base.

Complementing your internal capabilities.

Supporting and guiding you on the adoption of new technologies.

Advising you on innovation initiatives.

Having nothing,
we can offer everything…
A gear box
that works

Connecting Visions is structured based on an ecosystem of experts and specialised service companies that we have previously qualified and approved. The process that we follow to be able to propose unique solutions that are different to traditional ones relies not only on matching abilities and expertise for each challenge, but also on managing their talent.

technology companies

Companies that provide varied solutions, mostly Saas based and easy to implement, that lead to great results.

service companies

Experts in supporting companies with their digital transformations.


Specialised talent that add know-how and solutions at fair market fees.

Many have already experienced
our savoir-faire

I was lucky enough to work with Connecting Visions for our innovation hub project, and I experienced the effectiveness of The Consulting Machine. They worked on the research phase, drawing extremely valuable and actionable insights, both from our clients and our employees. One of the keys to success in the project was the excellent qualitative research conducted by Irene and the rest of the team.

Head of Marketing de Repsol
María Vallesol Martín

Te abren la puerta a nuevos clientes con retos novedosos y muy atractivos.

Desarrollo de negocio, en Análisis e Investigación
Carlos Santos

Gracias a Connecting Visions, he podido participar en proyectos muy interesantes y variados. Valoro mucho elegir mis proyectos, mi dedicación y contar con un equipo muy serio en el que apoyarme en todo momento.

Teresa García-Badell

Cuentas con la tranquilidad de que, si tienes un problema, te lo van a resolver de la manera más eficiente y profesional.

Jefe de Gestión de Clientes, en ASISA
Sara Amores

Join our workshop
and clarify your challenges

The Consulting Machine will kick-start whenever you need it.
Our challenges’ workshop will help you:

Identify new challenges for your company

Better describe that challenge that may still be a bit unclear

Prioritise your business challenges